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Road Atlanta -Round 2 Has International GT Dodging Rain


We spent the weekend hoping that the rain would stay away and it did. Saturday morning’s sprint race was damp but for the brave who put on slicks, it was a thrilling race. The battle among the 4 liters was terrific!

JIM HAMMAN #176 TLM Racing captured his second and third IGT wins, this time in the Mission Foods GT3 Cup 4.0 liter category in sprint race 1 and repeated the win in the enduro. It was edge-of-your-seat watching the racing! 

Team TLM was well represented this weekend (see team photo)! Jim stood on the podium all three races (second in race 2) but SCOTT BLIND #45 Archangel Motorsports was hot on his heels and won sprint race 2! 

Mr. Consistency was ALEJANDRO PIMENTEL #57 making an appearance in all three podiums. The ringer in the group was MARCEL FAYEN #03 FMS Motorsports who finished third in the enduro.

Family Affair - Father/Son duos take center stage!!

We broke a record for father/sons competing at Road Atlanta. TOM PANK had both of his sons LUKAS and NICKLAS driving in three different categories, 4R, 4.0 and 3.6. The big winners on the weekend were JIM and STEPHEN HAMMAN – they cleaned up in GT4.I and GT4.0. JIMMY McGLYNN was there with dad TOM, in 3.6. JACK GILSDORF had much faster, better looking and more talented son PHIL at the track as his umbrella handler. GEOFF and GEOFF JR ISRINGHAUSEN made a great showing in GT4.I and Cayman 3.8. As always JUAN and son MARCEL FAYEN had duplicate gorgeous black Porsches in GT4.R and GT4.0. Family fun!!

Weekend Recap Video From TLM

We are getting used to seeing STEPHEN HAMMAN #72 TLM Racing on the podium for 4.I category but this weekend it was an all out battle with team boss DAVID TUATY #68 and GEOFF ISRINGHAUSEN #89 Goldcrest Motorsports. Youth won out as Stephen swept the weekend and at times did it on two wheels (see photo). David took a second and two thirds, while Geoff finished runner up in race 1 and the enduro and a third in race 2.

Click on Stephen’s photo to link to a terrific video recap of the weekend. Thanks so much to the Hamman family and TLM for producing such a great video!!

At the front of the field the G.O.A.T. won sprint race one and the enduro. JOHNNY O’CONNELL #3 SKI Autosport ran his first race in the IGT Exhibition category in an Audi R8 after a career with GM. The 4 time 24 Le Mans winner, 4 time Pirelli World Challenge Champion, 3 time American Le Mans Champion controlled the field at the front, Take a lap of Road Atlanta with Johnny by clicking on the helmet photo.

However the other Audi of JERONIMO GUZMAN #7 901 Shop was a definite contender. Congrats to him for winning overall in sprint race 2 and he gave Johnny a run for his money in the other races.

MARK SANDRIDGE #58 Team Salad had an incident early in the weekend not due to anything he did (fluid on the track) but he came back to be on the podium for all three races, including a win in the enduro.  The 4.R wins were shared throughout the weekend with TOM PANK #42 Ultra Performance winning the second sprint race and enduro.  Sprint race 1 win went to JUAN FAYEN #17 FMS Motorsports. 


NATHAN BYRD #88 won all three Mission Foods GT3 Cup 3.8 races on the weekend. Nathan was a busy boy, doing double duty in IGT and Trans Am. The runners up in the category would vary, sprint race 1 TOMMY BALLESTER #188 TLM Racing, sprint race 2 MARCOS VENTO #18 and the enduro RUSSELL WITTENBERG #113. 

JAVIER RIPOLL # 191 also stood on the podium in race 1 and the enduro but more importantly he got the golden ticket – a complementary set of Pirelli tires!! It was great to see a variety of drivers on the podium and terrific racing throughout the weekend!!

Cayman Battle Royale!


Goldcrest Motorsports showed up at Road Atlanta with 6 cars and lots of podium appearances including Alejandro (above). GEOFF ISRINGHAUSEN Jr. #181 raced his Cayman to stand on the podium all three races. Consistently second in both sprints races and winning the enduro. Dominating the sprint races was FLORIAN EYME #119 Kaizen Autosport who won both. MIKE WARD #711 was second and third in the sprint races while KEVIN MAXIM #18 another Goldcrest superstar was third in the enduro.

GT 3.6 Mathematics 20+21 < 77


JACK GILSDORF #902 Ultra Performance did not race the first sprint as it was a bit wet and as he says he “doesn’t do enduros” but he swept the second sprint race!!!

NICKLAS PANK #41 also with Ultra Performance, who is a student at Georgia Tech was on Spring Break and was allowed to come out to race with IGT (dad Tom puts school first which is the reason we don’t see Nicky much – his older boys Justin and Lukas are grads from UCLA and Virginia Tech so he must be doing something right). Nicklas won the first sprint race and the enduro. Great showing for some Spring Break fun. Now back to school!!

New to IGT competition was JIMMY McGLYNN #110 from 901 Shop who had a couple runner ups and stood on the podium all weekend. We are used to seeing dad Tom at IGT events and welcome Jimmy! Quick math… Nicky is 20 and Jimmy is 21…Jack is 77. Old guys rule!!

Pirelli Tire Gives Back

Our long-time partner Pirelli Tires is giving away a set of tires each race weekend. We kinda twisted their arm and they gave away two sets this weekend at Road Atlanta. First set went to ROB METKA our only Manarello Cup competitor. Come on Ferrari guys, step up!!

The second set went to International GT regular competitor, JAVIER RIPOLL.

California Here We Come!!


Registration is open now for the back to back California races.

We can help with transport if needed – we’re trying to get teams that are going with competitors who need a ride.

Additionally Sonoma is allowing teams to stay over on Monday to prep cars and Laguna Seca is allowing early entry if you would rather prep there. Contact or call 770-380-7770

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