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Happy Thanksgiving!

VIR Race Recap Late But Worth The Wait!

The 2023 International GT race at Virginia International Raceway was a record breaker with the largest field IGT has ever hosted at the “country club” of US circuits. Above is the start to the first sprint race and DAVID TUATY #68 TLM USA and STEPHAN HAMMAN #72 TLM USA were nose-to-tail all three races on the weekend with Hamman taking the two sprint race wins overall and Tuaty winning the enduro. Also having a great run in the GT4.I category was MARK HUPFER #84 901 Shop who took a third and second in the sprint races and teamed up with PAUL MORTIMER to take another second in the enduro. Rounding out the GT4.I podium positions was IGT series founder, BILL RIDDELL #777 who finished third in the enduro.

The GT4.R category was dominated by REG WILLIAMS #008 Goldcrest Motorsports who calls VIR his home track. Reg swept the GT4.R category winning all three races. However the wins did not come easy as JUAN FAYEN #17 FMS Motorsports finished with a pair of seconds and a third while MARK SANDRIDGE #58 shared the enduro with OWEN TRINKLER and completed the podium finishing third.

SCOTT BLIND #45 Ruckus Racing/Archangel Motorsports continued his march toward ultimately securing the Mission Foods GT3 Cup Championship by winning Sprint 1 and the enduro in the GT4.0 category. Newcomer to International GT competition and a name you might recognize if you are an NFL fan, JARED ODRICK #01 Autometrics had a great first outing with the series, winning Sprint race 2 over Blind (an almost impossible task this season) and taking second and third place finishes. MARCEL FAYEN #03 FMS Motorsports finished third in both sprint races and another newcomer to IGT MARK CALZARETTA #17A finished second in the enduro.

GEOFF ISRINGHAUSEN #99 Goldcrest Motorsports showed up at VIR with a beautiful new (to IGT competition) 4 liter Cayman but minus his son, Geoff Jr. who usually supplies tough competition in the Cayman 3.8 liter category. Geoff dominated the Stuttgart Cup category but as the only 4 liter, left the real battles to the CAY3.8 competitors. Good friends and Autometrics teammates, TOPHER EVERETT #38 and LARRY WEXLER #28 both stood on the podium in Sprint race 1. Topher winning and Larry coming in third. Topher would repeat as winner in Sprint 2 and Larry finished third again in the enduro. Reigning Stuttgart Cup Champion, JOE RIZZO #12 SpeedSport Racing was second in Sprint 1 and 2 and jumped up a position to win the enduro with co-driver SPENCER PUMPELLY. A couple other podium finishes went to MARK COOK#581 also from the Autometrics camp taking third in Sprint race 2 and TOM BIGONY #174 SpeedSport Racing who teamed with KATHERINE LEGGE to finish second in the enduro.

In the Cayman 3.4 category, another newcomer to International GT, TORSTON GROSS #19 came to VIR with a camera crew in tow. Torston and crew were documenting the weekend for a film being created for his JUST HANDS FOUNDATION.

Click on the photo of Torston’s Cayman to link to the foundation’s YouTube channel to see some terrific video of the work Torston is doing. Torston is a paraplegic and wheels his Cayman around the track with amazingly intricate hand controls.

As is usually the case, the Exhibition class brought out an eclectic group. Running at the front of the pack in Sprint race 1 was CORY FRIEDMAN #014 Autometrics in his Mercedes AMG GT3 finish just behind Hamman and Tuaty. Unfortunately Cory suffered a puncture in Sprint race 2. A long-timer in the IGT family CAMERON McINTYRE #8A join us at VIR, his new home track since relocating from Ohio to the Raleigh area over the past couple years. But like most families we only see him annual (sorta like holiday gatherings) and being the eccentric uncle, we never know what Cameron will race, this time it was a beautiful newly acquired KTM GT4.

For the VIR race, International GT welcomed a new group to the Exhibition category, Ginettas. In the Ginetta group, the leaders were split with DIMITRI KELLNER #73A heading up the pack in Sprint 1, CHRISTIAN SHIELD #10 ahead in Sprint 2 and enduro. Also among Ginnettas cars were ANDREW HEFFRING #77 (and his co-driver father Peter) and RANDY POTEAT #05.


Marching closer and closer to his first Maranello Cup Championship was COLIN COHEN #15 Norwood Auto Italia. The longtime International GT competitor secured the championship title later at Circuit of the Americas but the VIR event took him one step closer.

To The Victor(s) Go the Spoils

After some very hard-fought battles, the winner’s circle celebrations were lively at VIR. Lots of cheering, smiles and proud moments! Featured below, David Tuaty, Stephen Hamman, Jared Odrick, Torston Gross and of course the ever present Puerto Rico flag proudly displayed by Marcos Vento on the GT3.8 podium.


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Chris Green Photography

Chris Green is the official series photographer for International GT.

Click on the COTA photo to link to Chris’s site.

Chris was not able to be at the California races however if you contact him, he can assist in getting photography for those two events.

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