Daytona and Pirelli Tires

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Daytona and Pirelli Tires
Order Deadline Monday, November 1, 2021

Pirelli tires

If you are EVEN THINKING about joining us for the Daytona season finale race, December 10-13, 2021, you need to place your tire order!

You may have heard there are some supply issues with tires, to guarantee tires for Daytona place your order with Frisby Tires by MONDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2021

Even if you haven’t entered the race yet, you should be reaching out to order tires now or let Julie (770-380-7770) know that you are intending to race so we can create a provisional entry list for Frisby/Pirelli. 
Click on the tire photo to link to the International GT tire order form with Frisby. Or you can call Frisby at (800)373-7390. 

Pirelli has assured us that they can supply tires for the event, as long as we give them tire orders and a provisional entry list by Monday.

Daytona Garages and Group 1 Sessions

Daytona garages

There are a very small number of garages still available for Daytona. The yellow garages are sold out, however you can reach out to Dave Pierson, who is the organizer of the event, to inquire about other garage options. 

Additionally if you are planning to enter with IGT at Daytona but also would like extra track time running in the organizers Group 1, please also reach out to Dave to enter for additional track sessions. 

Dave Pierson (216)956-7093,

If you have any questions please contact or call (770)380-7770.


FOR SALE: Porsche 997.2 Cup car. Includes a very extensive spares package. It has 29 hours on the motor and a recently refreshed transmission. Price: $110K for the entire package – car and spares.

Spares include:

  • KMP Paddle Shifter (not installed)
  • Penske 2-way adjustable 7565 shocks (not installed)
  • 3 sets of wheels
  • 2 sets of fresh Pirelli sticker slicks (one mounted), zero heat cycles
  • 1 set of fresh Pirelli Wets (unmounted), zero heat cycles
  • 1 set of scrubs (mounted)Spare hood
  • Spare left front fender with tomahawk
  • Two Grand Am splittersNitrogen system with wand
  • MSA cable
  • Two PMNA wheel sockets
  • Demonspeed tire warmers
  • Demonspeed two-stage jack stands
  • Two sets of car covers
  • Transport rings
  • Motorola radio (in-car)Cool Shirt (in-car)V
  • Box HD2 system with two cameras (in-car)991-style steering wheel
  • Recaro P1300 race seat
  • Hard-wired for Garmin Catalyst

Contact: Ted Kokas (917)

Selling or looking for a race car, trailer, equipment, etc? We’ll highlight it in our Marketplace section. This is free to International GT competitors and teams and will run for about 4 email blasts. Just send a photo, description and contact information to

Kernodle Photography

Kernodle photography

The official series photographer for International GT is John Kernodle. John attends all IGT events and provides galleries of photos for all competitors to select from, as well as offering special photo packages to participants. Click on the photo above to  visit the Kernodle Photography site.

Pirelli Tire Orders

Frisby performance tire

Pirelli is the official tire of International GT and Frisby Performance Tire is the sole supplier. Click on the logo to link to their IGT tire order side or call Frisby at (800)373-7390.

2021 Schedule

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2022 Schedule

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